How a Properly Tailored Suit says who you are.

There are 4 different types of men, The Poor-poor, the rich- poor, the poor rich- and the rich-rich. In an ideal world the only difference between the rich-poor and a rich-rich man would be the expense of a suit cloth, not the fit. With online training of cutters that will be possible. The suit can be made anywhere.  Proper cut is an unspoken language among rich men of high or low income.

What makes the rich poor or the Rich-rich? Access, balance and communication, ABC.  So the rich may have many suits, but the rich -poor have the advantage in that one can only wear one when networking and contact building.

Access, takes ability to activate oneself. Self esteem equals motivation or its ego covering up insecurity. Often we think too much, do not set goals and do not celebrate. Humans have a gene found by researching our ancestors that show that ritual is part of human evolution. Certainly part of personal evolution as well. Exercising good habits or ritual is essential. One of my favorite authors Christopher Hitchens, wrote that he preferred to solve his problems before drinking. We all know people that reverse the order is true for the fools around us, in order to forget or not reflect their problems.

Looking in the mirror without vanity is the first start of reflection a ritual that our species attributes to developing consciousness and dynamics. Others may find themselves happy from one purchase to the next and somewhat more material than intrinsic. Richness in culture is the key here. In the clothing business we describe ladies and gentlemen as people that are dynamic because they have a choice in their behaviors and do not react. Therefore, they know who they are in terms of their weakness and dynamically move on to improvements.

That richness is based on culture that is based on communication and critical thinking skills. As well one’s ability to respect their bodies through good habits is a rich and healthy habit. Today with “web search and one’s basic critical skills, anyone can develop an interesting rapport and personal culture through accessing credible information and asking good questions publicly.

Meeting people is essential to create rich networks and even partner in communities. This moves the rich –poor- to the rich –rich. Where as researched with lottery winners, the poor poor- go directly to the poor rich and eventually end up poor-poor again due to their loss of their comfort zone in the new environment.

Dressing in Tailoring is a practice in being who you are while dressing up. Being more attractive is certainly more a part of male animals in general than humans, and attractiveness can be fun. Dressing conservatively is safe and demands more charm from your person that develops character. Once that character and class is developed being overtly stylish can be even more fun.

Wardrobes represent who we are in our completeness from casual to formal degrees. Our wardrobes should be efficient and regularly used to maximize their value in our community. As one develops their character, achievements and people skills so they develop their wardrobe.


About Steve Samson- Custom Tailor

I am a tailoring designer that is interested in supporting male consumers in getting good value from good fit of tailored garments. View all posts by Steve Samson- Custom Tailor

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