The Ways a Suit Fits

What is a Tailored Suit If It Doesn’t Fit?

According to Maslov’s Hierarchy of needs, there is a Heirarchy of Needs

and with using a suit as well these can be applied.

Level 1 Utility ) – The Style or Price Fits

Many young clients in the rack habit, focus on the style of the garment or the style of cloth without considering the long-term perspective of building a bespoke wardrobe as opposed to replacing one.

Level 2 Safety- Feels good feels comfortable

This is fit by having the garment feel better than what one is used to, not too tight but with compromises of shape.

Level 3) Socialization- confidence

This is fit by knowing, critical thinking and intuition. Three factors that express full brain use. This talent is helpful for enjoying people and accessing good people skills.

Level 4) Self Esteem- Beyond Utility

The opposite of utility and dressing solely for a reason is to simply have the self esteem and clout to be able to do what you feel like, without worry or over regard for the comments of others.

Level 5 ) Self Actualization- Securing your Brand

With  confidence, achievement and balance you are self-actualized individual. Generally self -actualization re As the custom tailor or bespoke tailor takes a flat piece of cloth and completes the shape by sculpting out the wrinkles, men’s integrity is also being sculpted via their image and /or their personal habits, lifestyle and  purpose . Having an image that is safe and adequate along with other achievers of “good reputed nature” is evident in one’s discerning image. Image is the 1st & 2nd millennium term for the word garment. Garment in the BC era was to mean “ How one appears or ones station” . Your wardrobe whether we like it or not is part of our brand of course taking into account if its what’s inside that counts, then let’s be generous by turning what’s inside outside.

Level 6) Socialization

In these days of limited or corporate community, the aspects of modern socialization are more related to what is called “strong links”. Socialization consists of both weak links and strong link. Strong links are more personal contacts, whereas weak links have far better use for business and word of mouth (mouse) or social media implications.

Level 7) Self Esteem

Hillel : A 2nd C Greek Rabbi said, “If I am not for myself then who will be for me”

Having self-esteem is a full brain activity it is more than knowing or being present, but a strong balance of both. It is often mimicked by self-mockery as a poetic precursor to actually having substance and the self-esteem from self- respect. There is some evidence that is often framed of this by how we take care of ourselves, where as acquiring a socially or personally special garment, historically is an expression of status (socially) or self- esteem (personally).

Level 8) Self- Actualization

This is the highest level of need that is a genetic imperative to contribute somehow as a sense of mortality.  One’s character is actualized via some redemptive act such as procreation, creativity or contribution. The word character comes from the Greek word Charac; to sculpt as on a tombstone. The tailored suit originally endured much respect

as it was the sign of a gentlemen from the 16th century to the 19th and early 20th C.

The craft of a tailored suit is about completion of the suit itself, or the wardrobe or even the man“ Clothing makes the man”. The act of completion is a precursor to many as a mans success and self -actualization.


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I am a tailoring designer that is interested in supporting male consumers in getting good value from good fit of tailored garments. View all posts by Steve Samson- Custom Tailor

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