Monthly Archives: April 2011

Success? A detail is worth a 1000 words!

A simple detail like a pant length speaks volumes when it comes to one showing overconfidence or  someone who has simply lost weight recently (so there is no tension keeping his pants up) Maybe he is just to trusting, or too busy putting out his fires to find a tailor.  What brought Dave in to me was a referral from his good friend.

The hem of the slack is also important because a good suit will draw the eye from the neckline to the shoulder and down through the silhouette to the hem. So besides the shoes its an important statement about your self esteem and readiness to do business, to make contact or what have you.

Here is an example of a new clients last tailored slacks. Dave bought this suit for not much less that the custom suit I made him. He says he’s never going back to D—ns downtown Vancouver. They treated him like a cow in a cow-call. As it turns out he has been my best new client and has sent me a ton of referrals. Here is Dave’s ready made slacks on the left.

As you can see the length on the right is neater. The ideal is to have a little break to create a $ dollar sign or “s”. The sloppy joe on the left is getting a dirty behind, as he drags a good cloth on the pavement. The cuff is a conservative and functional item, best on light weight pleated pants. It helps to give the pant leg drape when walking.

Assuming that alterations are going to be given to you freely is a big mistake, so paying for it takes a little research on the web before shopping. You may want to refer some friends to my blog. Critical thinking is what successful people do and often with a smile and light hearted questioning. Make those retailers , re tailor! Don’t let them pull the wool.