How a Properly Tailored Suit says who you are.

There are 4 different types of men, The Poor-poor, the rich- poor, the poor rich- and the rich-rich. In an ideal world the only difference between the rich-poor and a rich-rich man would be the expense of a suit cloth, not the fit. With online training of cutters that will be possible. The suit can be made anywhere.  Proper cut is an unspoken language among rich men of high or low income.

What makes the rich poor or the Rich-rich? Access, balance and communication, ABC.  So the rich may have many suits, but the rich -poor have the advantage in that one can only wear one when networking and contact building.

Access, takes ability to activate oneself. Self esteem equals motivation or its ego covering up insecurity. Often we think too much, do not set goals and do not celebrate. Humans have a gene found by researching our ancestors that show that ritual is part of human evolution. Certainly part of personal evolution as well. Exercising good habits or ritual is essential. One of my favorite authors Christopher Hitchens, wrote that he preferred to solve his problems before drinking. We all know people that reverse the order is true for the fools around us, in order to forget or not reflect their problems.

Looking in the mirror without vanity is the first start of reflection a ritual that our species attributes to developing consciousness and dynamics. Others may find themselves happy from one purchase to the next and somewhat more material than intrinsic. Richness in culture is the key here. In the clothing business we describe ladies and gentlemen as people that are dynamic because they have a choice in their behaviors and do not react. Therefore, they know who they are in terms of their weakness and dynamically move on to improvements.

That richness is based on culture that is based on communication and critical thinking skills. As well one’s ability to respect their bodies through good habits is a rich and healthy habit. Today with “web search and one’s basic critical skills, anyone can develop an interesting rapport and personal culture through accessing credible information and asking good questions publicly.

Meeting people is essential to create rich networks and even partner in communities. This moves the rich –poor- to the rich –rich. Where as researched with lottery winners, the poor poor- go directly to the poor rich and eventually end up poor-poor again due to their loss of their comfort zone in the new environment.

Dressing in Tailoring is a practice in being who you are while dressing up. Being more attractive is certainly more a part of male animals in general than humans, and attractiveness can be fun. Dressing conservatively is safe and demands more charm from your person that develops character. Once that character and class is developed being overtly stylish can be even more fun.

Wardrobes represent who we are in our completeness from casual to formal degrees. Our wardrobes should be efficient and regularly used to maximize their value in our community. As one develops their character, achievements and people skills so they develop their wardrobe.

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The Sunrise Industry of Tailoring Design

In a world of mass production, mass customization is often talked about. The experience of authentic fit and value is rare.  Mostly the market conveniently trusts in brands, sees relatively as opposed to absolutely. To the masses it’s the cost that fits. This gives a world of possibilities between the unsatisfied brand idolaters and the new tailoring designer a huge visible market. When our TD knows he can make a difference in specific areas of the suit fit, he is hard to ignore.

Online education and videos are becoming the alternative to expensive and often inaccessible education. There are 85 million unemployed and even more underemployed or dissatisfied employees. Among the professions or occupations are the crafts and skills that will make 21st C. more personal and enjoyable.  Tailoring design is the hybrid of the old hand tailor and the modern factory. It creates a European lifestyle that is satisfyingly unique and allows a degree of self-motivation, talent and professionalism to prevail. The modern tailoring designer does not need to spend 30 hours making their first suit nor need to be skillful at cutting expensive cloths. They simply need to measure, cut, sew and fit a simple cotton muslin. This takes one hour and competes with the world most expensive suits made actually for nobody in particular.


The world is looking for new values and investment vehicles for stability. The tailoring business is known 3 times in history for building stability in society with a middle class, with the web it can be done again. In this old product now updated, the value to the $9 billion markets is clear. To expand that market with hungry new work force is also palpable. Today masses of men sacrifice the power, right and dignity to have and enjoy one single suit without feeling like an imposter. In the 19th to 19th C., it was a gentlemen’s pleasure to have and afford a real tailor. This can be true again. With on line training subscriptions and live boot camps, the democratization of the authentic tailored fit is feasible. The quality of the cloth used is the client’s option.

The advent of demand for this type of quality is considerable as an economic application as once recognized as a good thing for society would germinate with each satisfied client.  The constant ridicule of men apparent with so many commercials is an indication of an eventual pendulum swing to men’s integrity with their responsibilities to work competence and families. Social media is a catalyst for training awareness as well as the need for change by employing local talent and having a friend in the business.  Of the essential economies of GDP, food clothing, transportation and shelter for national stability, authentic suitmaking services are considerable for our future office workers corporate in house perquisites. This is well documented as”customization in the 21st. C.”

Dry Cleaning is an expense that has increased dramatically, making dressing a lifestyle. Mostly today, it’s not necessary to have a large income to dress well and often. For example men can  diminish if not delete their dry-cleaning cost by good habits and a little time. Imagine paying yourself 20pr hour to press shirts while watching youtube!  Not dressing is a bad idea for some while its cost can easily be managed. Yes personal investments come first, so pump the ironing table. Before chemicals a simple spot clean and sponging process was used and still used in third world countries. Unwittingly customers take garments to the cleaners for pressing. All that is needed is proper fit and hearty cloth. Then just need a quick steam, a spot clean and a little Fabreze.

The comfort level of sourcing products online will eventually with tailored suits demand local qualified service. As a new generation continues to search for alternatives they will balance word of mouth or mouse with actual personal experience of their contacts. This is mostly likely to be done with use of local tailoring-designers and investors labels.

The Ways a Suit Fits

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Success? A detail is worth a 1000 words!

A simple detail like a pant length speaks volumes when it comes to one showing overconfidence or  someone who has simply lost weight recently (so there is no tension keeping his pants up) Maybe he is just to trusting, or too busy putting out his fires to find a tailor.  What brought Dave in to me was a referral from his good friend.

The hem of the slack is also important because a good suit will draw the eye from the neckline to the shoulder and down through the silhouette to the hem. So besides the shoes its an important statement about your self esteem and readiness to do business, to make contact or what have you.

Here is an example of a new clients last tailored slacks. Dave bought this suit for not much less that the custom suit I made him. He says he’s never going back to D—ns downtown Vancouver. They treated him like a cow in a cow-call. As it turns out he has been my best new client and has sent me a ton of referrals. Here is Dave’s ready made slacks on the left.

As you can see the length on the right is neater. The ideal is to have a little break to create a $ dollar sign or “s”. The sloppy joe on the left is getting a dirty behind, as he drags a good cloth on the pavement. The cuff is a conservative and functional item, best on light weight pleated pants. It helps to give the pant leg drape when walking.

Assuming that alterations are going to be given to you freely is a big mistake, so paying for it takes a little research on the web before shopping. You may want to refer some friends to my blog. Critical thinking is what successful people do and often with a smile and light hearted questioning. Make those retailers , re tailor! Don’t let them pull the wool.